Faith Mini-Bundle


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Invest in your faith with these printables designed to bring you closer to God.
Receive over 20 pages of God's Word declaring His love to you in fun and unique ways. Each printable is designed to encourage and grow your walk with Jesus.
What's Included:
Bible Memory: All the scriptures are formatted so you can cut them out and use them as flashcards or hang them up around the house to encourage bible memory.
Encouragement from God: Specific bible verses to comfort you when you feel anxious when you need hope when you're waiting when you need acceptance, and when you need God's love.

Journalling Challenge: A month's worth of bible verses for a journaling challenge. Whether you want to journal in your bible or just meditate on these verses - this resource is perfect!

Questions for Your Faith: Three pages of questions to help you talk about your faith. Pages are designed to cut out the cards and take them with you. Perfect to use with kids.

Bonus: 2 8x10 Scriptures to hang up
NOTE: This is a digital product. You will not receive anything in the mail.