Children's ABC Bible Lessons + Workbook


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Easily teach your children to memorize Bible verses with these daily lessons and praise songs in under 20 minutes each day!

Using the material in this workbook my children learned 26 scriptures in 26 weeks and yours can too! Each evening we established a bedtime routine that centered around God that my children looked forward to. 


  • One page lesson plan for each Bible verse (26 lessons). This includes information about the verse, a lesson to teach your child, a direct link to the YouTube video, and a tip on memorization. 
  • A reflection page for your child to write the verse out to say what it means to them.
  • A word search that contains the main words in the verse.
  • A page for your child to draw out the verse and write what books of the Bible this verse is found in.
  • A page to cut out each letter of the verse, then your child can try to put the verse together.
  • A printable for you to hang the verse up nearby where your kids will see it during the week.
  • BONUS: ABC Memory Games. This eBook contains 5 games you can play with your kids either when you're done memorizing the verses and want to stay sharp or throughout the 26 weeks. This adds some variety into the process, which is helpful if you have children of different ages.

The Children's ABC Bible Lessons will help you:

  1. Teach your children God’s Word at home and feel capable.
  2. Connect with a family activity that is Christ-centered with no nagging that your kids (and you!) enjoy.
  3. Arm your kids with scripture they can refer to for the rest of their lives.
  4. Speak words of love, truth, and affirmation over your children each day using the Word of God.

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