2021 Printable Planner


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Why pay for a paper planner when you don't know if you'll use all the sheets? What happens when your plans and goals go belly-up just weeks after you've written them down in your best pen? What if you don't have room for everything you want to record on the little space they give you? 

With a printable planner, you control which pages you print, you can print them multiple times, and you can even print multiple of the same page and use them for other things. The prayer list is a perfect example of this!

Here's what's included in the Printable 2021 Planner:

  • Important contact info
  • Yearly Goals
  • Breakdown of goals into monthly priorities
  • Traditional 12-month calendar
  • Extra calendar month with no dates so you can continue to use this planner well past 2021
  • Weekly breakdown of your schedule hour by hour
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Monthly bill tracker
  • Prayer list
  • Notes