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"Thank you so much! I love these ideas and resources and I appreciate you taking the time to help me change my perspective!" xoxoxox Sarah

"Thank you, this is absolutely wonderful, what BLESSINGS!!!!! As a mom, grandma, and educator, I know many single moms who could benefit from your website. Thank you for being obedient to GOD'S Call!" Stephanie

"I’m so thankful I found your website after a desperate Google search. God totally works through the internet." Cassie

"Thank You!! I'm so happy I came across your website! I've been in a dark place for a while and have really needed it. I have felt so alone it feels good to hear the things I struggle with are not unusual. That others do too. Thank you for your toolkit! Bless you!" Kari

"I'm glad I found the Single Mom Toolkit, I've been looking for material specifically targeted for single parents." Lauren